The missing US soldier has been found, North Korea has kept many in prison for this reason.

Kim Jong-un, dictator of North Korea.  - India TV Hindi.

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Kim Jong-un, dictator of North Korea.

A US soldier who has been missing for years has finally been found. America’s staunch enemy North Korea itself has given the address of the missing American soldier. North Korea on Wednesday officially confirmed for the first time that it had detained Travis King, a US soldier who sneaked into the country last month. North Korea released a statement through its propaganda division saying the soldier criticized the United States. However, the stated statement could not be verified. One expert called North Korea’s announcement “100 percent its propaganda.” It was not immediately confirmed whether Travis King made the comment about his home country.

North Korea claimed on Wednesday that a US soldier who broke into North Korea last month through a heavily guarded cordon did so out of frustration with inequality in his country’s society and racial discrimination in its military. Travis King, who was stationed in South Korea, entered North Korea on July 18 while visiting a border village. He became the first American detained in North Korea in nearly five years. Citing an investigation by relevant North Korean officials, the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that King told them that he decided to enter North Korea because “he was dehumanized within the U.S. military.” were concerned about treatment and racial discrimination.” There were emotions. King also expressed a desire to seek asylum in North Korea or a third country and said he was “frustrated by the inequality in American society,” the counter report said.

Accused of illegally entering North Korea

The report added that an investigation into King’s “illegal” border entry will continue. However, it is not possible to confirm the authenticity of I King’s comments in North Korean state media. The United States, South Korea and others have accused North Korea of ​​removing diplomatic immunity from foreign detainees. Some foreign detainees said after their release that their confessions were made under duress while in North Korean custody. A US Defense Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said the US had no way of verifying North Korea’s claims about King. The Pentagon is working through all available means to bring King back to the United States, the official said. “This is really 100 percent North Korean propaganda,” said Soo Kim, a former CIA analyst and expert at Virginia-based consultancy LMI.

The king of America is caught in the hands of North Korea.

As an American citizen imprisoned in North Korea, King is not aware of how his story is being presented (by North Korea).” As for King’s release, his The fate is now in the hands of North Korea. Perhaps the North Korean government will try to trade King’s life in exchange for financial incentives from the US. Most likely, the negotiations will not be easy and the terms will be determined by North Korea. The soldier’s family said his mother, Claudine Gates, had appealed to North Korea to treat her son humanely. North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Sun-kyong called the US an “evil empire”. The U.S. human rights issue will be dealt with first, he said. King, 23, was part of about 28,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea to counter possible North Korean aggression. (AP)

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