The wife said why don’t you shoot me, the husband really killed, this incident of murder happened in America

Wife Says 'Why Don't You Shoot Me', Husband Really Killed, This Killing Happened In America - India TV Hindi

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The wife said why don’t you shoot me, the husband really killed, this incident of murder happened in America

American Crime: Crime in America is not going down. Sometimes shooting with guns and sometimes murders are constantly coming to the fore. In the same order, quarrels between husband and wife and then the case of husband killing his wife have also come up. The man who killed his wife is a judge in California.

According to the details, a minor quarrel between husband and wife in America reached bloodshed. In fact, Geoffrey Ferguson and his wife Cheryl went out to eat when suddenly an argument started between the two. After coming home, the fight started again. Enraged by this, the man shot his wife in a drunken state. Jeffrey is a judge in the Orange County Superior Court of California.

The hearing of the murder case in the court is complete

A hearing was held in the court on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Orange County Deputy District Attorney Christopher Alex told the court that Ferguson and his wife, Sherrill, had gone to eat at a restaurant near their home when the two got into an argument. The debate took place on August 3. Meanwhile, the judge, imitating a gun, signaled his wife to fire. When the two returned home, Sherrill Ferguson, 65, said, “Why don’t you pull a real gun on me?” The judge took out his pistol and shot him. A paramedic later called 911 to report that the wife had been shot. When an officer asked if he fired a weapon, he said he didn’t want to talk about it.

A message was sent to colleagues.

Attorney Christopher Alex further explained that the judge sent a message to his court clerk and bailiff after the execution that “I just lost my wife.” I shot my wife. I will not come tomorrow. I will be in custody. I am so sorry.

The court was told that when the police reached the judge’s house after receiving the information, they found that the woman had died of a gunshot wound to the chest. Dozens of guns and 26,000 rounds of ammunition were also kept. A search of the home turned up 47 weapons, all legally owned. Police said Ferguson, 72, smelled of alcohol when he was arrested.

Denied murder

However, on Tuesday Ferguson, who has been a judge since 2015, appeared in court and denied murder. The court released Ferguson on bail and ordered him not to drink alcohol. The accused is scheduled to appear in court again on October 30. Meanwhile, lawyer Paul Mayer told reporters outside the court that we want to make it clear that this is not a crime. It happened unintentionally.

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