This funny Google Photos AI feature brings back memories, did you use it?

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Google Photos

Google has launched its photo sharing and storage service. Google Photos But the AI-controlled ‘Memories’ view has been introduced. This feature helps users to relive, customize and share some of their memorable moments with the help of artificial intelligence. This feature of Google Photos is called ‘Scrapbook’. Many users have given a great response to it.

When is this feature coming for Indian users?

A Google blog post said that this new feature will allow users to easily view their memorable trips, events and everyday experiences. Users will also be able to easily share these memories with their friends and family members. This feature is currently being rolled out in the US. It is believed that by next month it will be introduced in other countries of the world including India.

How will this new feature work?

With the help of this new feature, users will get a chance to refresh all their memories. It will also provide users with AI-generated custom topic suggestions through the ‘Help Me Title’ button. Users can also modify these suggestions if needed. Along with this, the user can also ask Google to provide new options again. Users can also make many desired changes to the in-memory.

Memory is part of Google Labs.

The ‘Memories’ feature is an experimental feature from Google Labs and will initially be accessible to select US accounts. Google also announced plans to allow users to collaborate on creating memories together, fostering shared experiences. In addition, Google plans to introduce the ability to share memories in the form of videos. This change is in line with the company’s ongoing efforts to increase user engagement and interaction on its platform.

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