To start these 5 businesses, you need business acumen and just Rs 1 lakh, the money will start rolling in!

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision is that don’t run after jobs but work in such a way that you can give jobs to others. With this vision of the Prime Minister, the Modi government at the center is running various schemes like Start-up India, Stand-up India, Mudra Yojana, Skill India. Apart from arranging capital here, the government also provides technical advice. So now you can’t say that you didn’t have capital, that’s why you couldn’t set up a business.

At the right time for this business, you should have a unique idea, which can earn more profit with less investment. The business should be such that a large market is readily available for it, and it should also be sustainable. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to share 5 businesses which you can start with an investment of just Rs 1 lakh and which also have good profit potential.

Dairy Business

India is the largest producer and consumer of milk. In this case, this business is very profitable and sustainable. You can start a business with just 1 or 2 cows or buffaloes. If you have even a small amount of land, you can start a business with 1 to 2 animals. Building infrastructure will not cost you more than Rs 1 lakh. You can sell it in the open market or you can also join a cooperative society.

Dairy business

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Dairy business

Bakery industry

After metro now bakery business is growing rapidly. The demand for cakes and pastries and other bakery products is increasing rapidly even in small towns. To start a business under the Mudra scheme, you need to invest only Rs 1 lakh out of the total project cost of Rs 5.36 lakh. Up to 80% of the total expenditure will be funded from the government. Under the project, you should have your own space of up to 500 square feet.

Business idea

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Business idea

Mobile repair business

Almost everyone in the country has a mobile phone. In such a situation, it is a great business opportunity for the repairers. For this you will need a shop in a prime location and the necessary equipment. This business is a business through which you can earn a lot of money. This is a business that you can start anywhere from a city to a village. If you want to start mobile repairing business then you have to learn mobile repairing work then you will be able to succeed in this business better and earn good amount of money.

Courier business

Courier business is a business that provides business as well as service. It is a business that people of any age can join and it allows them to provide home related services. To start this business, you need to register with some authorized franchise or voluntary business. You can start this business with a good startup or you can start it yourself with your organizational skills. You will also need the necessary infrastructure for your courier service including suitable vehicles, office space, equipment, software, logistics team etc. with the help of internet and technology.

Poultry business

Poultry farming is a business, for which you need to invest a little. Currently Mudra loan is available from Govt. Through which you can start a business by taking a loan. Talking about the cost of poultry farming business, you can start it with less capital. In the beginning you just buy 100 chicks and practice. Just one room is enough for a poultry farming business. Also for 2 businesses for the same price you can start keeping fish along with chicken. This will earn you double.

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