Upgradation work on Maharashtra’s Dahanu Road continues, some Western Railway trains will run.

Some Western Railway trains to be affected - India TV Hindi

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Some Western Railway trains will be affected.

Maharashtra: Western Railway Authority informed that some trains will be affected due to major technical upgradation at Dahanu Road station on Wednesday. According to Samit Thakur, Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO), Western Railway, “Western Railway will have a 3-hour mega block at Dahanu Road station for technical upgradation. The block started today at 8.50 am and ended at 11.50 am. will end.”

What else did the officer say?

Some long-distance trains and Mumbai suburban trains will be affected by the block, the official said. He further informed that during the 3-hour mega block, trains will be regulated and short-terminated at Dahanu Road station.

Western Railway has increased the number of coaches in the train.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Western Railway had changed 49 local train services from 12-coach to 15-coach services from August 15.

Western Railway on social media platform ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter) said, “In keeping with the initiative to provide better train services on Mumbai suburban section, we have added 49 12 coaches from 15th August. has decided to introduce local train services. 2023” – has been converted into coach services. There will be no change in the total number of services, i.e. a total of 1394 trains including 79 AC will remain in local service.”

Earlier, Western Railway had installed AC. Some AC local trains were canceled due to technical fault in local train, which is being rectified. In a statement on the matter, Western Railway’s public relations officer said, “Please note that AC services have been canceled due to a technical fault in one of the AC locales, which was repaired at the car shed. is going.” He added that the second incident of local trains running with door open in AC in the morning is a separate issue which was temporary and has been addressed.

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