What is the love of those who love the country? The video of the fight in the middle of the road went viral

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The amazing love of the patriots

Yesterday, August 15, was our Independence Day. By the way, we Indians should always live with love and affection. But on August 15, this message is conveyed to every Indian in different ways. People are told that we got freedom after a lot of sacrifices and sacrifices so we should cherish it and live together. But currently a video is going viral on social media in which the amazing love of two patriots is seen. Seeing their love, you will also say, brother, what kind of love is this?

The amazing love of the patriots

In the viral video, you can see several vehicles running on the road. Meanwhile, a person wearing a dhoti and wearing a tricolor hat on his head comes. He moves forward and stops a scooty rider coming in front. After stopping her, he abuses her. Seeing this, the man gets angry and calls him to him. Even a dhoti-clad man stands in front of him with his chest out. What is left then? The person on the scooty gets even more angry and starts licking the person in front. Another person passing by on the street separates the two and stops the fight. After that the dhoti clad man showed off his amazing dance moves. People are loving this part of the video. It looks like he was drunk and had no idea what he was doing. The background song of this video made it more special.

The video went viral.

The video was shared on the micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) yesterday, August 15, by the page @gharkekalish. At the time of writing the video has received 257.5K views and over 2500 views. The comments on this hilarious video are also very funny. One person has written, This is the great love of patriots. Another person wrote: What was your last dance?

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