“Wherever you ask me, I will come to fight”, Zuckerberg gave a big challenge to Elon Musk, Musk gave this answer

'I will fight where you tell me', Zuckerberg gave a big challenge to Elon Musk, Musk gave this answer - India TV Hindi

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‘I will come to fight where you tell me’, Zuckerberg gave a big challenge to Elon Musk, Musk gave this answer

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg: A series of allegations and counter-allegations continues regarding the boxing fight between the two biggest personalities of the tech world, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. This war of words has been going on for the past several days. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of ‘Meta’, the Facebook company, has once again challenged Elon Musk, the owner of ‘X’, the Twitter company, to a fight. Zuckerberg said that he is ready to come to fight wherever you say. Elon Musk has also responded to this. In fact, where, the owner of ‘X’ accused Zuckerberg of not accepting the challenge. Also, Metta’s owner has asked Musk to name his preferred location for the fight. On this, Elon Musk said that he is not ready to fight anywhere. Recently, the news of a fight between the two created havoc on social media. The fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg in the ring is expected to be very interesting to watch. However, there are constant accusations and counter-accusations between the two regarding the fight.

A fresh war of words

In the latest episode, Mark Zuckerberg shared a tweet from Musk on social media, challenging him. It was also alleged that Metta, the owner of Facebook, is not ready for a fight. Answering this, he said, “Tell me where to fight.”

There is excitement about cage fighting.

For the past one month, there have been talks about the fight between Musk and Zuckerberg on social media. Everyone just wants to know when the cage fight between Musk and Zuckerberg is going to happen. On this, Mark Zuckerberg suggested keeping the date of August 26 for this fight. A war of words is going on between the two giants on social media regarding this fight.

An open challenge was given to a cage fight.

Explain that Elon Musk was invited to a cage fight. Mark Zuckerberg also accepted Elon Musk’s challenge in an Instagram post. Recently, Zuckerberg revealed in one of his Insta stories that he has been learning fighting techniques from jiu-jitsu legend Miki Musumiki. When Elon Musk learned of this, he openly challenged Zuckerberg to a cage fight. On Elon Musk’s challenge, a Twitter user warned Musk to be careful with Zuckerberg because he’s learning moves from jiu-jitsu.

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