Will Delhi flood again? The water level of Yamuna has reached above the danger mark.

Yamuna River- India TV Hindi.

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Above the freezing danger mark

New Delhi: The water level of the Yamuna river crossed the danger mark of 205.33 meters in Delhi on Tuesday due to incessant rain in the Yamuna river catchment area for the last two days. According to a Central Water Commission official, the water level of the Yamuna near the old railway bridge crossed the warning mark of 204.50 meters at 3 pm on Tuesday and rose sharply to 205.39 meters at 10 pm. He said that the water level is expected to reach 205.50 meters by 5 am and it is expected to rise further during the day. “However, the water level of the river in Delhi will not rise above 206.00 meters to initiate evacuation unless there is heavy rain in the hilly areas”.

The water released from Hathinikund barrage reached Delhi.

of Haryana Yamuna Nagar The district’s Hathinikund barrage recorded a flow of 27,000 cusecs around 9 pm, which is considered moderate during the monsoon season. An official of the Delhi government’s irrigation and flood control department said that low-level flooding may occur at some places along the river, but there is no chance of a serious situation. Heavy rain has continued in Himachal Pradesh since Sunday. At least 56 people have died due to this.

Increase in water level of Jamuna

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The water level of the Yamuna rose.

Loss of crores due to flood

Delhi had to deal with unprecedented inundation and flooding in mid-July. Not only this, the Yamuna water reached a record level of 208.66 meters on July 13. More than 27,000 people were shifted to safe places due to floods in Delhi. Millions of rupees have been lost due to floods. The river has been flowing above the danger mark of 205.33 meters for eight consecutive days since July 10. About 41,000 people live in the lowlands near the Yamuna in Delhi. These areas are considered sensitive.

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