Zareen Khan admitted to the hospital, her health worsened due to dengue, shared the picture and alerted people.

Zareen Khan admitted to the hospital Actress Zareen Khan is unwell and is admitted to the hospital these days. The actress has contracted dengue and is suffering from body aches with high fever. This information has been given by the actress herself through her social media.

Zareen Khan had earlier posted a story on her Instagram in which a drip was seen in her hand. However, the actress later deleted the story. The actress then presented another story in which a glass of juice is seen. Zareen wrote along with this picture – ‘Recovery mode’

The actress worked in many films.
Zareen Khan has played the lead role in many films. She has appeared in many films like Hate Story 3, Veer, Wajah Tum Ho. He also acted in Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu films. The actress is said to be a copy of Katrina Kaif and this is probably the reason why the actress rose to fame in Hindi cinema very quickly.

Appeal to fans
Zareen Khan has also appealed to the fans through her Instagram story to take precautions to prevent dengue. They have also asked to maintain a clean and mosquito-free environment and to use insecticides.

What is dengue?
These days, the fear of dengue has gripped the country. Dengue cases are coming to light day by day. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne virus that spreads very quickly. It is caused by the bite of a female mosquito during the day. This mosquito breeds in clean water.

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