6 Diabetes Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

Early symptoms of diabetes: Diabetes has become a disease in today’s age, due to which billions of people are affected. If we look at the data in India alone, more than 10 crore people suffer from diabetes, that is, they suffer from elevated blood sugar levels. It is a disease that is so deadly that it causes hundreds of diseases and can even damage the organs of the body. So let us tell you what are the early signs of its early science.

Darkening of the skin

In the early science of diabetes, many parts of the body turn black due to resistance to insulin. Especially the neck, under the eyes and under the arms areas start to turn dark brown or black.

Affects vision.

When the amount of blood sugar in your body is high, it starts to affect the eyes and you start to see blurry. Threading the needle may be difficult initially or the number of lenses may increase if glasses are already worn.

Swelling in hands and feet

Numbness of the hands and feet is also a sign in the initial symptom of diabetes because the nerves of the body are weakened in this disease and when the blood does not reach the body parts through the veins, it starts itching in it or in the body parts. Is. Numbness begins.

Kidney problems

Diabetes is also a major cause of kidney related diseases. In fact, due to high sugar, kidney function deteriorates and this can cause problems like frequent urination, ankle swelling and high blood pressure.

Bleeding gums

Early symptoms of diabetes can also cause problems like bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth and poor oral health.

Slow wound healing

When your body is high in sugar, any injury takes a long time to heal. In such a situation we should not ignore this sign, because it can also cause injury or injury.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and tips mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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