Abhishek Bachchan’s ‘Ghoomar’ Strong, Harsha Bhogle Inspired by Siamese Kheer, Watch First Review

Ghoomar Review: Abhishek Bachchan and Syami Kher starrer ‘Ghomar’ is all set to hit the theaters on August 18. The film is based on a sports drama that depicts the struggle of a talented athlete. While Siami will be seen playing the role of an Indian cricketer in the film, Abhishek will be seen playing the role of a cricket coach.

Before the release of Ghomer, cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle has reviewed the film before the audience. He attended a special screening of the film after which he shared his thoughts about the film. He said that he was skeptical about how cricket would be shot in the film, but what he saw impressed him.

Harsha watched the film with excitement and reluctance.
Sharing a video on Twitter, Harsha Bhogle said, “I went to see a movie and I went with a lot of excitement and hesitation. The excitement is because it was a cricket film so there will be a lot of cricket in it and I wanted to see how cricket was portrayed in the film. I was a bit hesitant about how I would react to the film because I know a lot of people in the film.

Commentators are happy with Siamese’s role.
Harsha adds, ‘It’s not just Saimi, she’s an actress, but she’s also a real cricketer. That is why there was never any doubt about him, but there was doubt about how other people played the role. The Siamese character elevates the character.

Harsha Bhogle praised Abhishek.
The cricket commentator further said that he also spoke about Abhishek Bachchan. “A lot of times there’s a coach who tries to motivate you,” he said. But sometimes we want to hear something different from motivational lectures. I love the way Abhishek has molded both of them into their roles. I can recognize some cricketers in Abhishek’s role, but will leave it to you to decide. But more than anything else, what I love about Ghomer is that it is a story of hope.

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