Armenia and Azerbaijan clashed at the United Nations over the Karabakh issue.

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United Nations.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at war for years. Nagorno-Karabakh is the main point of conflict between the two countries. Both countries assert their rights over Karabakh. This is the reason why when the debate on this issue started in the United Nations, there was a fierce conflict between the two countries over the issue of Karabakh. The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting on Wednesday on Nagorno-Karabakh, a source of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan for years, with Armenia accusing Azerbaijan of blocking access to the region and saying the region is a serious conflict. Facing a humanitarian crisis. At least 120,000 people live in Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council, accusing Azerbaijan of closing the Lachen Corridor, causing food, medicine and power shortages for its people.

The Lachen Corridor is the only route connecting Armenia with Nagorno-Karabakh. Most of the countries in the meeting asked Azerbaijan to open the road immediately and mentioned the order of the International Court of Justice. All 15 nations of the Security Council urged the two countries to find a diplomatic solution to resolve the nearly 30-year-old conflict. The Security Council did not issue a statement, but U.S. diplomat Linda Thomas Greenfield, who chaired the meeting, told reporters, “All the members at the meeting said very strongly that the Lachen Corridor must be opened.” , Coordinator of Humanitarian Operations, told the Council that the International Committee of the Red Cross reported on July 25 that it had been unable to send food through the Lachen Corridor since June 14 and medicine into the region since July 7. It is the only organization that was able to gain access to this area.

Armenia made this accusation

Vasorno said that according to international humanitarian law, all parties should provide immediate assistance to those in need. Armenia’s Foreign Minister Ararat Marzovian told the Security Council that the road closure has halted all economic activity in Nagorno-Karabakh, leaving thousands unemployed, shops empty and women, children and the elderly struggling to buy bread and fruit. Standing tall. Vegetables are arranged in rows. The foreign minister said that Azerbaijan has disrupted electricity supply since January 9. Yashar Aliyev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United Nations, who was present at the meeting, rejected all these allegations. Aliyev accused Armenia of running a “provocative and irresponsible political campaign to undermine Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and regional unity”. Nagorno-Karabakh is a part of Azerbaijan but was occupied by ethnic groups of Armenia. In 2020, Azerbaijan regained control of the surrounding region after a six-week war with Armenia. (AP)

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