Dadi’s amazing dance on the song ‘Kya Jhumka’, people were impressed after seeing the steps

Ravi Bala Sharma- India TV Hindi.

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Ravi Bala Sharma

The Desi Bhabies had already set the internet on fire with their dance moves. But this time Dadi has taken the internet by storm. Recently, a video of a grandmother has become very popular on social media. In this video, Dadi is dancing to the song ‘Kya Jhumka’ from the love story of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s movie Rocky Aur Rani.

Grandma danced boldly.

In the video, Dadi is seen in a red gown and a golden dupatta. Dadi is performing on her amazing dance beat. In the video you can see that they have performed the hook steps of the song very well. Dadi’s expression during the dance also attracted people’s attention. Overall, he left no stone unturned to blow the minds of the people with his dance performance.

Grandma is very active on Instagram.

The dancing grandmother in the video is named Ravi Bala Sharma. She is quite active on social media. Even before this, he has danced in many Bollywood films. She often uploads her dance videos on the Instagram account ravi.bala.sharma. Dadi has 280 thousand followers on Instagram. She has written Dancing Grandma in her account bio.

People reacted to this video like this.

As of writing the video, millions of people have watched it and thousands of people have liked it. Also, while commenting on Dadi’s dance video, many people have praised her immensely. A user said – Age is just a number. Another said- You are such a beautiful grandma, you are truly an inspiration to many people who wander around in search of happiness. Similarly, many other users also appreciated this dance video of Dadi.

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