Elush Yadav reveals about his girlfriend, who is she and where does she live?

Elush Yadav

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Elush Yadav reveals about his girlfriend

Reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ winner and YouTuber Elvish Yadav has been making headlines for one reason or another ever since he won the show. Meanwhile, Elush told a secret related to his life that you will all be surprised to hear. In fact, Elush has been in the headlines for a long time now because of his mysterious girlfriend and now he has finally revealed his much talked about girlfriend.

Who are Elvish’s girlfriends?

Elvish recently talked about his girlfriend in a live chat with reality TV star Manu Punjabi. Meanwhile, he said that the girl giving the interview is not his girlfriend. Along with this, Alosh also revealed that his girlfriend is from Punjab and she likes privacy. He is away from social media. Talking about his girlfriend, Elush Yadav said, ‘She is from Punjab and lives only in Punjab. There is no place outside. Her life is very private and she wants it to remain private. He didn’t like to mention my name or add to his followers. He is away from all these things and is happy in that.

Elush’s name was linked with Keerthy Mehra.

Let us tell you that the discussion about Alush’s girlfriend started when his co-contestant Manisha Rani was flirting with him on the show, Alush revealed that he is already committed. So he stayed away from other girls in the house. However, his rumored ex-girlfriend Keerthy Mehra has been very supportive of him outside the house, leaving fans confused as to whether they have actually split or are still together. But during his recent live chat, Eloish denied any relationship with Keerthy saying that she is not his girlfriend, after which fans’ confusion regarding Eloish’s girlfriend has been cleared.

After which now the confusion of the fans about Alush’s girlfriend has been cleared.

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