Good time to build a house! Saree is the cheapest it has been in 2 years, the price has been reduced by less than half.

Everyone wants to build their dream home, but achieving it is not easy. People make big preparations for it and collect money by pie pie. However, even after that the project has to be postponed due to the cost and time goes on. If you are among such people, be happy. Now is a good time to build your dream home at a low cost.

Price less than 50 thousand across the country

The biggest load in building a house comes from building materials. In particular, rebar, cement and brick contribute the most to the total cost. If we talk now, rebar price has become the cheapest in the whole country in 2 years. Currently, the price of 12 mmtmt has decreased by Rs 50 thousand per metric ton in almost every segment. It was only a few months ago that steel bar prices were on fire.

Rebar has become very cheap.

There was a time when the price of 12 mmtmt in the country reached Rs 1 lakh per tonne. In comparison, rebar is now available for less than half the price. A few months ago, in January this year, rebar was selling at Rs 60,000 to 65,000 per ton. Compared to this, rebar has become 30-35% cheaper.

Understand the cost math here.

House building experts recommend using 4-5 kilobars per square foot if you don’t want to compromise on strength. Now when houses are not built everyday, who would want to compromise on the biggest dream of their life! Now if we calculate according to this standard, 5000 kilobars will be used for a 1000 square feet house. In today’s price, it will cost less than Rs 2.50 lakh, while not long ago you had to shell out more than Rs 5 lakh for it.

This is how Shab-e-Barat is being made.

Currently, the rainy season is going on in the country. It is natural that the construction work has slowed down. Demand for construction materials has also decreased due to the decline in construction activities. This is why the prices of the bars are so broken. Along with bars, brick and cement prices are also softening. All in all, this is proving to be the best time to build your dream home, as cement and reeds with cheap bricks at less than half the cost are shaping up to be the best time to build a house. .

According to online steel marketplace AYRON MART, the latest rebar prices in various cities across the country are:

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