Govt launches amazing app to get real-time updates on floods, know how it will work?

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Flood Watch App: This year there has been great destruction due to floods across the country. Several states are yet to opt out. Relief programs are being run from the central government to the state government. The government has taken the help of technology to give better updates about it to the common people. The central government on Thursday launched an app to provide ‘real-time’ information about the flood situation in the affected areas. Central Water Commission (CWC) Chairman Kushvinder Vohra said the ‘Flood Watch’ app will collect data from 338 stations across 23 states and Union Territories to send flood related updates in ‘real time’. Launching ‘Flood Watch’, Vohra said the app aims to use mobile phones to spread flood-related information. It will provide forecast for up to seven days.

User friendly app

He said that the app uses advanced techniques like satellite data analysis, mathematical modeling and real-time monitoring for accurate and timely flood forecasting. Vohra said the app has been made user-friendly which will make it easy for everyone to access flood related information and reduce risk during flood events. The CWC chief said that ‘Flood Watch’ will send warning messages and flood forecast in both written and audio form.

The app will currently provide information in Hindi and English language but will soon expand to other regional languages ​​as well. He said that this app is developed by CWC. However, flood-hit Himachal Pradesh is not connected to the app and its services will be available in the state within six months.

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