He was in jail for 10 years for rape, after coming out he raped an innocent.

Satna man rapes a minor.  India TV Hindi.

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An innocent person was brutalized in Satna, Madhya Pradesh.

Satna: The ink was not even dry on the brutality of the innocents in the religious city of Mihar in Madhya Pradesh that Satna became the target of an innocent brutality in the city. It is being told that the five-year-old child was first abducted by the accused and then he abused the innocent. The accused escaped after raping the child. The most surprising thing is that earlier the accused had gone to jail for rape and came out after serving a 10-year sentence.

Masoom’s grandmother survives by begging.

Police and family members found the innocent girl in critical condition and brought her to the hospital. After first aid, the girl was referred to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, Rewa. According to information, the grandmother of the five-year-old Masoom was begging for the last 8 years in the Jagatdev pond under the City Kotwali of the city. The child was also living with his grandmother during those days.

Ran away from the auto on the pretext of feeding Taffy.
Masooma was with her grandmother at Jagatdev Pond around 5.30 pm. Meanwhile, the accused Rakesh Verma alias Raku came here and started feeding the innocent. After some time he took her in his lap on the pretext of giving her coffee. As soon as she descended the steps of the Jagatdev pond, Masoom began to cry. Seeing this, his grandmother asked Rakesh to drop the girl down but he did not stop, then other people also asked Rakesh to leave the girl, so Rakesh ran away. While running, he got down and sat in the auto and escaped with Masoom. On receiving the information, some people chased the auto but without success.

As soon as the information was received, the police swung into action
After that, the local people complained to the City Kotwali Police for forcibly taking away the innocent. TI City Collector Shankhadhar Dwivedi reached Jagatdev Pond along with the police force after receiving the information about the kidnapping of five-year-old Masoom. After that, various police teams raided the house of the accused in Jeon Jyoti Colony and other places in search of innocent people, but no trace of the accused could be found. The police then took the help of local people to find the innocent.

Masoom fainted while being taken to the hospital.
After a lot of searching, after about half an hour, the innocent girl was found by her grandmother. At that time his condition was very bad. The innocent victim of brutality was rushed to the district hospital with the help of the police. While being taken to the hospital, the victim fainted on the way. The medical team has started the treatment of the victim in the district hospital. But when there was no improvement in his health, he was referred to Rewa. As soon as the incident was reported, CSP Mahendra Singh Chauhan, TI Kulgawan Sudeep Soni along with the police force immediately reached the district hospital.

Raids in search of the accused, arrested
After that, under the direction of Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Gupta, various teams of Kolgaon and City Kotwali police under the leadership of CSP Mahendra Singh Chauhan conducted a raid in search of the accused and the police arrested the accused Rakesh late at night. It was reported that the accused Rakesh had come out of jail a few days ago after completing his sentence in a rape case and once again committed this heinous crime.

(Reporting by Amit Tripathi)

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