Hi Inflation: After McDonald’s, this iconic burger brand ditches tomatoes, ditches menu due to price hike!

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The rise in tomato prices is not only affecting the kitchen of the common Indian family, but it is now forcing international restaurant companies to change their menus as well. US giants McDonald’s and Subway have already stopped using tomatoes, while burger and other food giant Burger King has stopped using the vegetable in its food amid soaring tomato prices. Is.

Referenced quality and supply

Burger King, managed by ‘Restaurant Brands Asia’ with 400 restaurants in the country, cited ‘quality’ and ‘supply’ issues as reasons for removing tomatoes from its menu in a message on its website. The message read, “Restaurant Brands Asia Limited’s standards are very high as we believe in serving real and authentic food. Due to the uncertainty regarding the quality and supply of the tomato crop, we continue to include tomatoes in our food. Can’t. Rest assured, we’ll be back with tomatoes soon.

Told customers – Tomato went on vacation

The company has requested the users to be patient for this situation. Some outlets of Burger King India have reportedly posted a notice with humor, saying “Tomatoes need a holiday too.” We are unable to include tomatoes in our food.

Prices are above Rs.200.

The retail price of tomatoes has shot up to Rs 200 per kg in some parts of the country amid supply disruption due to heavy rains. This has forced the government to import tomatoes for the first time. India is currently importing tomatoes from Nepal. Last week, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told Parliament that India has started importing tomatoes from Nepal amid record price hikes in the domestic market.

McD has already repented.

In July, fast food chain McDonald’s said it had stopped using tomatoes in food at most of its stores in the northern and eastern parts of the country due to unavailability of quality products. After that, Subway India also announced to stop using tomato to deal with the rising price situation in big cities.

The average price in the country is Rs.88

According to official data, the all-India average wholesale price of tomato fell to Rs 88.22 per kg on August 15, from Rs 97.56 per kg a month ago. Similarly, the all-India average retail price of tomato has come down to Rs 107.87 per kg from Rs 118.7 per kg a month ago. Meanwhile, the fresh tomato crop has started arriving in the wholesale markets of Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, pushing down prices.

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