Himachal: CM Sukhu blames Biharis for disaster in Shimla, later backtracks

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CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukho.

Natural calamity in Himachal Pradesh has ruined the lives of people. Heavy rains and landslides have occurred in many other districts, including the capital Shimla. The number of people who lost their lives in this calamity in the state has reached 71. In the midst of this great disaster, Himachal CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has gone home in controversy for one of his statements.

Controversy over statement on Biharis

According to Indian Express report, CM Sukhu said that people are building houses in Shimla without scientific methods. They have a very poor drainage system. People are draining the water unknowingly and this water is going into the hills and weakening it. Shimla is more than 150 years old city, which had a good drainage system. Now buildings have been constructed here on the canals. CM Sukhu finally said that the houses that are collapsing today have not passed the structural engineering standards. Architects from outside, what I call ‘bihari architects’, come here and build floor upon floor. We don’t even have local masons.

Cleaning up after a conflict

When CM Sukhu was embroiled in controversy over his statement on Biharis, he also issued a clarification. He said that I did not say anything like that. The people of Bihar were also trapped here. I took them out in a helicopter. About 200 people from Bihar are still stranded here. They are like our brothers. It’s our structural engineering fault, they’re just workers.

Drainage will be improved.

Himachal CM Sukhvendra Singh Sukhu said that instructions have been given to officers to improve the drainage system. He said that when he went to visit the accident site, the drain there was blocked from both sides. Wherever the drains are blocked, they will be opened as soon as possible. Himachal has suffered a loss of around Rs 7500 crore due to this calamity. It may take a long time for the state to recover from this.

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