How ready is ‘Krishnaraj’? Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor spotted at the bungalow construction site

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Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor spotted at the bungalow construction site

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s new house is going to be ready very soon. Recently, the couple was spotted at the construction site of their new home, a video of which is currently going viral on social media. In the leaked video, Alia and Ranbir are seen inspecting their house. Meanwhile, both were seen twinning with each other. While Ranbir Kapoor looked super cool wearing a white shirt with a cap. While Alia Bhatt looked very cute in a simple style wearing a white T-shirt and denim shorts.

Ranbir-Alia want everything perfect in their new home.

In the video, while Ranbir Kapoor is talking to people around him, Alia Bhatt is seen keeping a close eye on everything in her house. Let it be known that both Alia and Ranbir want everything perfect in their house. This is why couples often take time off from work to go home.

Ranbir-Alia will soon shift to their new home.

Let us tell you that this new house of Ranbir Kapoor has been built by demolishing Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor’s bungalow ‘Krishnaraj’. It is a new multi-storied building. The construction of this building has been going on vigorously for many years. Thus the whole building is going to be 15 storeys which will take a long time of 6 years to complete. However, according to reports, the 5th floor of the building is ready and very soon Ranbir, Alia and Neetu will shift into their new house.

A room in the new house will also be dedicated to Rishi Kapoor.

Ranbir-Alia’s new house will have a swimming pool, open-air amphitheater and many other modern amenities. But apart from all this, one thing that will be very special in Ranbir’s new home is the memories of his late father and actor Rishi Kapoor. Yes, according to reports, a room in Ranbir’s new house will also be dedicated to Rishi Kapoor. In which all the memories of Rishi Kapoor will be preserved. Little things dear to the late actor, from his favorite chair to his bookcase, will all be kept in a room dedicated to him. Which will always keep Ranbir close to his father.

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