‘It was said in Bengal that BJP will not get 100 seats, now Nitish…’, Prashant Kishor’s big statement

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Prashant Kishore, architect of Jin Suraj Padyatra.

Samastipur: Prashant Kishor, architect of Jan Suraj Padyatra, launched a major attack on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday. “I don’t take Nitish Kumar’s trips outside the state very seriously,” said Prashant Kishor. He said, ‘You must have seen my tweet in Bengal. I had said that Bharatiya Janata Party will not get 100 seats. Nitish Kumar’s JDU is not getting even 5 seats, whatever he does, today I will give him in writing. JDU has no existence left on earth.

‘The last phase of the party called JDU is going on’

Prashant Kishor added, ‘If there is no organization, no leader, no image, then who will vote for JDU? The election is far away. I can’t tell about everyone yet. JDU has no future now. The party called Janata Dal United is on its last leg, not because there is anything wrong with the party. JDU leader Nitish Kumar has done his party’s job. They don’t need JDU anymore. They just want us to be the Chief Minister and whatever happens in the party whether we work or not.

‘What’s the guarantee that you won’t come again?’
Prashant Kishor scoffed at Nitish Kumar’s repeated backtracking and said, ‘The grassroots workers in JDU are very honest people. These are the people who were associated with the formation of JDU as a political alternative during Laluji’s tenure and when it became the main party. At that time many good people came with JDU. At present they are either inactive or have become inactive. If anyone is responsible for this, it is Nitish Kumar himself. You turn around every day, so what is the guarantee that you won’t turn around again?’

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Prashant Kishore

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