‘It’s Maharashtra not Bihar’, Chandrasekhar Baunkole criticizes Raj Thackeray.

Chandrasekhar Bawankule slams Raj Thackeray, says it's Maharashtra not Bihar - India TV Hindi

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Chandrasekhar Bawankule counter-attacked Raj Thackeray.

New Delhi: Preparations for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 are in full swing. In this episode, Maharashtra BJP president Chandrasekhar Bawankule spoke to the media. Meanwhile, he spoke about BJP’s public relations campaign strategies in Maharashtra during the Lok Sabha elections. He answered a question on Raj Thackeray which has sparked controversy. In a statement, he said that Raj Thackeray who is accusing others of breaking his party and bringing him to BJP has no truth. We do not force anyone. He said, ‘We do not hold a gun to the head of any leader. This is not spring. This is Maharashtra. Unless you touch people’s hearts, there will be no change in their minds.’ He said that those who came with us have hopes from Narendra Modiji. They are joining our party, who believe in the ideals of the party.

Chandrasekhar Bawankule criticized Sharad Pawar and Uddhav.

Chandrasekhar Bawankule said that all records will be broken in 2024 Lok Sabha elections. People will vote PM Narendra Modi based on what he has done in 9 years. Baunkule said, ‘PM Modi is taking the country on the path of development, for that people will vote for him.’ Regarding the Telangana and Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, he said that 78 MLAs of Maharashtra BJP will camp there for 7 days and all the MLAs have been given the responsibility of one district. These MLAs will help in the preparations for the elections in both the states. He said, ‘Pawar Sahib asked Fadnavis, what happened to him, what happened to Udhav. The country is watching what their own people have done to them both. Sharad Pawar should be praised that Devendra Fadnavis is dedicated to the party, those who think only about themselves, their parties are broken.

BJP will win in the Lok Sabha elections.

The Maharashtra BJP president said that it is the work and dedication of Fadnavis that inspires us and Sharad Pawar should learn from him. Whether there is a clash between you and the Congress or what is happening in the coalition of others. We are not concerned about that. Baunkule said, ‘We are working to strengthen our party. As the Lok Sabha elections draw nearer, more conflicts between them will arise. The country has already decided this time that it will win PM Modi with a bumper vote. I don’t want to comment on anyone. But if word gets out, it will go far. He said that neither Sharad Pawar nor Uddhav Thackeray can keep their people united. Couldn’t handle the party or the house and are pointing fingers at us. Their party broke up because the two leaders could not connect with the hearts of their workers and other leaders.

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