Kremlin finds Google’s information on Ukraine war misleading, fined by court

Russian court fines Google - India TV Hindi

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Russian court fines Google

Giving misleading information about the Russia-Ukraine war has cost Google dearly. A Russian court has declared the information related to the Ukraine conflict misleading. Along with this, a huge fine has also been imposed on Google. According to the Russian court, Google presented false information and the misleading video was not removed. After reviewing the facts, the Russian court found Google guilty of publishing misleading information. That is why action has been taken to impose penalty. Let us tell you what it’s all about.

In fact, a Russian court issued allegedly false information about the Ukraine conflict, which was also ordered to be removed. But Google was fined 3 million rubles, or $32,000, on Thursday for failing to remove allegedly misleading content, according to a Russian court. According to Russian media reports, the court found that the Google-owned YouTube video service had not removed videos containing “false information” about the dispute. According to news agencies, Google was also found guilty of not removing videos that are not suitable for minors.

Apple and Wikipedia have been fined.

A Russian court also fined Apple and Wikipedia in early August for failing to remove “false information” about Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. Since sending troops into Ukraine in February 2022, Russia has taken a number of steps to punish any criticism or questioning of the military operation. Some critics have been severely punished. Opposition leader Volodymyr Kara-Mirza was sentenced to 25 years in prison this year for treason for speaking out against Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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