Many valuable and historical objects were stolen from the British Museum.

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The British Museum.

Hundreds of years of history have been preserved in the historic British Museum in London. But now many valuable historical objects have been stolen from this museum and panic has spread in Britain. This museum is one of the tourist attractions in London. The British Museum has fired an employee and decided to take legal action after several valuable items were stolen from a storeroom. Thousands of valuable artifacts on display in its museum attract people. This popular public museum dedicated to human history houses many ancient Indian artefacts and a gallery dedicated to ‘India: Amaravati’ sculptures.

The museum said Wednesday that it launched a security review earlier this year after items from the collection went missing, stolen or damaged. The Metropolitan Police’s Economic Crime Command is investigating the matter. George Osborne, president of the British Museum, said: “We have called in the help of the police, taken emergency measures to increase security, carried out our own review to assess what happened and learn from the incident, and We will hold everyone accountable.” The former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer has listed three priorities for the museum: recovering the stolen items, finding out what could have been done to prevent it, and keeping records of the collection. “Every effort” must be made to ensure the safety of the objects. This does not happen again. It is a sad day for everyone who loves our British Museum, he said. Committed to using their experiences to make the museum even stronger.

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According to the museum’s official statement, most of the items kept in the storage room in question were of small size and were part of the museum’s collection. It includes gold ornaments and jewels made of precious stones and glassware dating from the 15th century BC to the 19th century. He added that none of them had been put on display recently and were mainly kept for academic and research purposes. “This is a very unusual event,” said Hartwig Fischer, director of the British Museum. I speak for all of our colleagues when I say that we take the safety of all items under our supervision very seriously. The museum apologizes for what happened, but we are committed to making things right. We are working closely with outside experts to complete the final audit. This will strengthen our efforts to recover the items. (language)

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