Modi government is working hard for the economic freedom of women, thus 2 crore sisters will become millionaires

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Modi Govt

Modi Govt has entered the final year of his second term. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched several major schemes for the betterment of women during his nine-year tenure. Among them are Ajola Yojana, Ghar Ghar Toilet, Jal Zindagi for Home Tap Water, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana, Women Hostel, Women Helpline Scheme, Women E-Hot, STEP (Training and Employment for Women). program) are included. Several schemes like Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK) are involved. Not only this, the Modi government has also done a lot of encouraging and encouraging women in the military services. Its impact is now visible. The number of women in the Indian armed forces has increased rapidly. Now Modi government has announced to launch another new scheme ‘Lakhpati Didi’. The aim is to make 2 crore women millionaires across the country through this scheme.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself announced.

On the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself announced from the ramparts of the Red Fort that his government will continue to work to empower women to provide economic independence. In this direction they are starting ‘Lakhpati Didi’ scheme. Under this scheme, a target has been set to make 2 crore women millionaires across the country. In his address, the Prime Minister said that his government is continuously working on the economic empowerment of women across the country. Now a new scheme will be launched. He emphasized on maximum use of science and technology for women empowerment and rural development. Meanwhile, many questions have started to arise that how the Modi government will make 2 crore women of the country millionaires. If this question is also arising in your mind, then let us answer it.

Schemes of Modi Govt

Image source: India TV

Schemes of Modi Govt

Like these sisters Maadi government will make him a millionaire.

The Modi government has been emphasizing skill training since its inception. In the first term, the Modi government has emphasized on start-ups. As a result of which the start-up culture has grown rapidly in the country today. Now the Modi government is focusing on half of the population of the country i.e. women. According to information received from official sources, the Modi government will focus on skill training for women in small villages and towns of the country to become millionaires. Under this, 15,000 women will be trained in the use of drones in the agriculture sector with the help of self-help groups. Apart from this, women will be trained in installing plumbing, LED bulbs, tailoring, weaving, small and cottage industries. On the one hand, companies will get skilled workers, on the other hand, women will also get high-paying jobs. This will increase their income. The government will also train women aspiring to become self-employed and provide easy loans for capital requirements. It will also create massive employment opportunities.

Preparing to overtake China as a manufacturing hub

Experts say that all the emphasis of the Modi government is on making India a manufacturing hub. In this, the government came up with Make in India and PLI scheme. Its impact has been seen in many fields. The biggest success has been in mobile manufacturing. India has become the largest mobile phone manufacturing country in the world. Encouraged by this success, the government is focusing on other sectors. The government believes that the dream of becoming a manufacturing hub will not be realized until the workforce share of half the country’s population is increased. That’s why now the government is emphasizing on trending women. This will not only end dependence on imports from other countries including China but will also help in rapid growth.

The dream of becoming a top three economy will be fulfilled.

Prime Minister Modi has set a target of making India one of the top three economies in the world. This is not possible without the support of women. This is why Modi government’s emphasis is on women as well as on all sectors that can help increase the size of Indian GDP. This will not only create employment opportunities in the country but also fulfill the dream of making India a developed country.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme Now 2 Crore Didis Will Become Lakhpati

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