Now people of Uttar Pradesh are getting relief from expensive tomatoes sold from neighboring countries.

Tomato prices have been on fire across the country for almost two months. In most parts of the country, tomatoes are still available at a retail price of Rs 150-200 per kg. Meanwhile, there is a good news for the people of Uttar Pradesh. From today, government agencies have started providing tomatoes at cheap prices to the people of UP.

So many tons of tomatoes are coming from Nepal.

In fact, the National Cooperative Consumer Federation of India (NCCF) has entered into an agreement with neighboring Nepal to bring down the price of tomatoes in the country and provide cheap tomatoes to the common people. Under this, 10 tonnes of tomatoes are to be imported from Nepal. A day ago i.e. Wednesday, it was informed that the import of tomatoes from Nepal has started.

The price is 3-4 times cheaper than the market.

A report by news agency PTI said on Wednesday that a shipment of 5 tonnes of tomatoes from Nepal is on its way. NCCF had said that people in UP will start getting tomatoes at cheaper prices from today. Tomatoes are being sold by NCCF at a discounted rate of Rs 50 per kg. In this way common people can buy tomatoes at 3 to 4 times cheaper prices from the market.

From August 15, the price dropped further.

Agencies like NCCF and NABARD are already selling tomatoes at cheap prices in many cities to relieve the common man from expensive tomatoes. The price of subsidized tomato was earlier fixed at Rs 70 per kg, which was later reduced to Rs 60 per kg. Its price has been further reduced to Rs 50 per kg from August 15.

Price reduction from domestic supply

There has been some relaxation in tomato prices for the last couple of weeks. Tomatoes from home producing states have started reaching various markets. As a result, the average wholesale price of tomato rose to Rs 88.22 per kg on August 15 from Rs 97.56 per kg a month ago. Similarly, the all-India average retail price of tomato has come down to Rs 107.87 per kg from Rs 118.7 per kg a month ago. NCCF says that arrival of new tomato crop has started in the wholesale markets of Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

Currently making it available as

On the other hand, tomatoes are also being imported from neighboring Nepal. Since tomatoes do not have a long shelf life, meaning tomatoes spoil quickly, imported tomatoes from Nepal are becoming available to people in UP, while local procurement is becoming available to people in Delhi. Tomatoes are being given cheaply in Rajasthan.

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Tomato from Nepal Prices in UP

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