Now tomato is also off the menu of Burger King! The company took this decision because

Burger King removes tomatoes from menu: After McDonald’s and Subway, now the giant Burger King has also banned the use of tomatoes. Due to the rising prices of tomato, the company has decided to remove it from its food menu. Importantly, this decision is being implemented across every outlet in India. After that, the company has also given information about this to the customers by pasting notices at many shops.

Why was tomato removed from the menu?

According to media reports, Burger King, a company operating from Restaurant Brands Asia, has more than 400 stores across the country. Giving information about this on its website, the company has said that due to low supply of tomatoes in the market and quality issues, the company has decided not to use tomatoes. With this, the company has expressed hope that once the supply of tomatoes is fixed, there will be an entry of tomatoes in their menu once again.

A notice posted outside the outlet

Some Burger King outlets in India have pasted a notice informing customers about the company’s move. According to a report published in Times Now, some restaurants jokingly wrote in notices that now tomatoes also need a few days off. In such a situation, we are unable to include it in our menu. It is worth noting that there has been a huge increase in the prices of tomatoes for some time. After that, it is being sold up to Rs.200 per kg in some cities. In such a situation, many quick service restaurants (QSR) have decided to remove tomatoes from their menu.

McDonald’s and Subway also banned the use of tomatoes

Before Burger King, fast food restaurant McDonald’s also banned the use of tomatoes in several cities in northern and eastern India in July. The company has taken this decision considering the increasing prices and quality. Apart from this, Subway has also banned the use of tomatoes in its salads and sandwiches. The company has taken this decision in view of the shortage, quality and rising price of tomatoes in the market.

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