Police verification of SIM card dealers mandatory, government’s decision to crack down on cyber fraud

Mobile SIM Card Dealers: The central government has taken a major decision to prevent fraud through SIM cards of mobile phones. Police verification has been made mandatory for dealers selling SIM cards. Along with this, SIM card connection in bulk has also been banned. Railway and Telecom Minister Ashwini Vishnu has informed this decision.

Ashwini Vishnu said that the government has blocked 52 lakh mobile connections. While 67 thousand SIM card dealers have been blacklisted. Since May 2023, 300 FIRs have been registered against SIM card dealers. He said that WhatsApp has blocked 66 thousand accounts which were engaged in fraud. He said that police verification has been made mandatory for SIM card dealers and violators will be fined Rs 10 lakh.

Ashwini Vishnu said that SIM card dealers will be verified by telecom companies. They will collect details of each applicant and their business related documents for verification before appointing a dealer. He said that there are 10 lakh SIM card dealers in the country and they will be given enough time to get police verification. Ashwini Vishnu said that the bulk connection service has been stopped. Instead, a new business connection clause has now been implemented. Along with KYC of SIM dealers, KYC of the person taking the SIM will also be done.

In fact, cyber fraudsters in the country change SIM cards immediately after committing the fraud. Some time ago, 16000 pre-activated SIM cards were seized in Odisha. These SIM cards were taken in the names of people who did not know about it.

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