Sachin rose to fame by appearing in ‘Nadia Ke Paar’, also earned a lot of fame in the TV world

Sachin Pelgonkar Unknown Facts: Born on August 17, 1957 in a Marathi family in Mumbai, Sachin Palgaonkar needs no introduction. Sachin, who started acting at the age of four, won the National Award at the same age. In the birthday special, we introduce you to the stories of Sachin’s life, which you might have heard less.

This is how the acting career began.

At the age of just four, Sachin starred in the film Ha Meera Marg Ekla. The then President Sarvappalli Dr. Radhakrishnan gave him the National Award for this film. As a child artist, Sachin acted in around 65 films.

Success was achieved by going up the river

Sachin started his career as a lead actor in the film Balika Vidhu. However, he got fame from the movie Geet Gata Chal. On the other hand, the film took him to the heights of fame with the sweep of the eyes, while Nadia’s Paar took him home. Apart from these, he also showed his acting magic in films like Sholay, Trishul and Sate Par Satha. Sachin Pelagankar also earned a lot of fame in the world of TV. He directed the TV serial Tu-Tu Main which was very successful.

Share birthday with wife

Sachin Pelgaonkar married Supriya Pelgaonkar in 1985. Both of them first met on the sets of a Marathi film after which gradually both of them started coming closer to each other. You will be surprised to know that both Sachin and Supriya’s birthdays are on the same day i.e. 17th August. However, Sachin is 10 years older than Supriya. The duo of Sachin and Supriya is considered as one of the best couples of the film world. Both have a daughter, who is working in the world of cinema.

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