SBI has once again extended the last date of Amrit Kalash Scheme, now customers will be able to invest till this date.

Extension of SBI Amrit Kalash Scheme: Country’s largest public sector bank State Bank of India (SBI) has once again extended the last date for investment in its special FD scheme ‘Amrit Kalash Scheme’. According to the information given on the official website of the bank, this is a special 400-day FD scheme, in which the general public is getting 7.10 percent interest rate and senior citizens are getting 7.60 percent interest rate on the investment.

How long will you be able to invest?

The special FD scheme launched by State Bank of India i.e. SBI Amrit Kalash Scheme was expiring on August 15, 2023, which the bank has now decided to extend. Now customers will be able to invest in this special scheme till 31 December 2023. According to the information given on the bank’s website, this 400-day FD scheme is getting a maximum interest rate of 7.60%. The bank has implemented these new rates from April 12, 2023.

How to earn interest under Amrit Kalash Scheme?

Under SBI Amrit Kalash Scheme, customers get interest amount on maturity. After deducting the TDS amount, the bank transfers the interest amount itself to the FD account. If you want to withdraw the deposit under this scheme before 400 days, you can withdraw it by paying a penalty ranging from 0.50 percent to 1 percent. Another advantage of investing in this scheme is that you also get loan facility against the deposited amount.

How Much Interest is Earning on SBI Second Term FD?

According to the information on the bank’s website, the bank is offering 3 percent interest on FDs of 7 days to 45 days. While 4.5% on 46 to 179 days FD, 5.25% on 180 to 210 days FD, 5.75% on 211 days to 1 year FD, 6.8% on 1 to 2 years FD, 2 to 2 years 6.8% on FD 3 years 7%, 6.5% on FD of 3 to 5 years and 6.5% on FD of 5 to 10 years. Along with this, senior citizens are getting the benefit of 0.50% higher interest rate.

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