The couple used to misbehave with dogs and make obscene videos of them, arrested by the police.

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Nowadays, people’s mentality has fallen to such an extent that let alone human beings, even animals are starting to become targets of their lust. Are such people really mentally ill or have people created such a fantasy by themselves? In fact, a strange case has come out from the city of Queensland, Australia. Which you’ve probably never heard of before. Here’s a couple that did something so stupid that you won’t believe your ears.

They used to make videos by misbehaving with dogs.

The case is that 37-year-old Crystal and his 28-year-old wife, JWade Winstra, who live in Queensland, are accused of cruelty to dogs. Not only this, the couple used to make videos of them misbehaving with dogs. When the case gained momentum, the couple was arrested in the month of July. The couple was later released on bail but the court has started an inquiry into the matter.

The couple could face up to 7 years in prison.

The couple has been charged with five counts of cruelty to dogs, the Daily Star reports. In the investigation, if the couple is found guilty, they can again be jailed for 7 years. Let us tell you that a similar case was also reported from America in which a woman had physical relations with her own dog. The woman had also recorded a video of her physical relationship with the dog. A few days later this matter came under discussion.

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