The Indian-American lawyer was instrumental in the Biden-Harris re-election campaign

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An American-born Indian lawyer has been tasked with leading the “Biden-Harris 2024 re-election campaign”. US President Joe Biden has expressed his confidence in this Indian. It also shows how much talent of Indian origin is respected abroad. They are showing their skills not only in the country but also abroad. US President Joe Biden has appointed prominent Indian-American attorney Varun Modak as Senior Ballot Access Counsel for the “Biden-Harris 2024 Re-election Campaign”. Varun is originally from California.

Who is Varun Modak?

Varun Modak, who lives in California, currently practices law at Elias Law Group, where he advises federal and non-federal candidates, party committees, and more on ballot access and campaign finance issues. The announcement is a key part of “Team Biden-Harris” efforts to engage and mobilize the president’s supporters across the country ahead of next year’s race for the White House. A statement released by the Erie County Democratic Party said Veron will oversee President Biden’s campaign in all 57 states and territories with Ballot Access Director Elana Mons and lead the campaign’s delegate selection process. will do

Varun’s partner Alana has also worked for Obama and Hillary.

Varun Modak’s partner Alana Monis has also worked on the presidential campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager Julie Chavez-Rodriguez said there is a lot at stake in this election and Alana and Varun are very talented, hardworking and experienced. He said that the arrival of both will strengthen his election campaign. He said it would be up to Alana and Varun to find new and innovative ways to organize Biden-Harris supporters. The next presidential election in the United States is scheduled for November 5, 2024. In the United States, the president and vice president are elected every four years. (language)

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