The stock jumped 20% at the open today, doubling in price in less than 5 months

This year, despite the general movement of the stock market, some stocks have continued to perform amazingly. Shares related to the energy and power sector have been leading the direction for the market this year. Suzlon has become a multi-bagger in this sector. Now another scrip BF Utilities has entered the list of multi-baggers.

This is the capitalization of the company.

BF Utilities Limited is a small company with a market capitalization of just Rs 2,130 crore. In this context, BF Utilities is considered a small company. This company is active in renewable energy sector. Especially in the field of wind energy, the company’s work is very good and it is also the main source of income of the company.

June quarter results

The company also recently released financial results for the June quarter. Last week, the company announced its financial results for the June 2023 quarter. In it, the company had stated that during April to June 2023, its net sales grew by 35.49 percent on a year-on-year basis and crossed Rs 263 crore.

20% flight in minutes

Talking about the company’s shares, within minutes of the start of trading today, it jumped sharply on the NSE and rallied as much as 20 percent in the day’s trade. At 1:45 pm, BF Utilities stock was trading at Rs 563, up over 18 percent. It has recorded an increase of more than 21% in the last 5 days.

The price has thus doubled.

The share price of BF Utilities has seen an impressive rise of nearly 50 percent over the past one month, while it has gained nearly 55 percent in six months. About four and a half months ago on March 28, 2023, the share price of BF Utilities was around Rs 284, which has now fallen to Rs 563. Thus the stock has almost doubled its value in less than 5 months.

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