This actor called the collection of ‘Gadar 2’ fake, Sunny Deol fans brah! Said you are crazy about perfection

KRK calls Gadar 2 collection fake: Film critic and actor Kamal Rashid Khan often makes headlines for his controversial statements. Recently Sunny Deol’s most awaited movie ‘Gadar 2’ has released and the movie is doing well at the box office. While people are not tired of praising ‘Gadar 2’, on the other hand KRK has accused its makers of releasing a fake collection.

In fact, KRK wrote on Twitter – ‘Why do Gadar 2 makers need to buy tickets if they can shamelessly raise collections to 5-6 crores per day… And I want to ask SEBI India if any company Zee Studio fakes collection to boost share price? So how is this not corruption? SEBI should take action.

Sunny Deol fans hit back at KRK.
KRK’s tweet seems to have backfired on him. Sunny Deol’s fans are reacting strongly to his tweet and trolling the actor. A fan wrote- ‘You are a crazy man, you come to insult everyday. The jackal showed you your place. Told you what you are, but how do fools like you understand. If he understood the matter, he would keep silent, otherwise he would be insulted.

‘You are a wonderful man’
While another fan wrote- ‘This is the right combination. Dear RK, you are not able to digest the true success of Gadar 2…it will surely leave Pathans behind. Caught red-handed for giving a bad review, still doing the same today… There is an inquiry against you too. …’

The film entered the 250 crore club.
Let us tell you that Sunny Deol’s movie ‘Gadar 2’ is getting a lot of love and support from the fans. The film has entered the 250 crore club in 6 days. The film is said to join the 300 club this weekend.

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