This exclusive room is available for rent in Delhi with the facility of bed in toilet.

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Image Source: Social Media
Room to rent.

Have you ever been to Delhi to find a room on rent? If any of you have been there, you must have seen that people charge a good amount of money by renting out small rooms in their houses. But a picture of such a room in Delhi is going viral on social media, seeing which no one would have guessed that people will start building such rooms to earn rent. A picture of the room has been shared on with the caption How much can you pay for this room in Greater Kailash-2?

The picture of the room went viral on social media

Let it be known that Greater Kailash area is one of the posh areas of Delhi. Here you will find many colonies full of huge bungalows. By the way, the room in which the picture is going viral, all the comforts and facilities are provided inside the same room. This small room has a bed and a table fan is placed nearby. Inside the room there is a toilet seat and a glass bathroom cubicle. The biggest thing is that this small room is also equipped with AC.

This photo was posted on

Image Source: Social Media

This photo was posted on

People made funny comments.

After this picture went viral, people are making various comments. A user wrote that it is a toilet with a bed. While another wrote that it is a prison with a little more comfort. A third wrote that I have never seen such a big bathroom with AC. Another user jokingly wrote that if there is loose motion, we can do it in the living room. What’s the shame in that? While some people described this room as very bad and said that I should not stay in such a room even for free.

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