Where does fatty liver pain occur? Know these symptoms that are very common but serious.

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fatty liver disease

The problem of fatty liver is increasing rapidly. Nowadays, many young people have fallen victim to this disease. In fact, one of the main reasons behind this is your excessive consumption of trans fats and then a poor lifestyle. This causes dirt and fat to accumulate in your liver cells, causing it to malfunction and lead to fatty liver disease. Therefore, you need to understand some of the symptoms in time to avoid fatty liver disease, otherwise you may reach a serious state of the disease, from which it may be difficult to recover.

Where does fatty liver pain occur?

Fatty liver pain first occurs in the upper abdomen. In this you may feel a sharp pain under the ribs, which may bother you constantly. This pain can be different from the rest of the pain and its speed can sometimes be slow and sometimes very fast. In such a case, do not ignore this pain and then see a doctor.

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Serious symptoms of fatty liver

1. Unexplained weakness and weight loss

In fatty liver disease, due to malfunctioning of the liver, the functioning of the stomach is also affected and due to this, the body does not absorb nutrients properly. In such a condition, you lose weight rapidly. So if today you are constantly losing weight, feeling weak and there is no specific reason behind it, see a doctor, it could be a sign of fatty liver.

Liver Fat

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Liver Fat

2. Itchy skin

If you suffer from liver disease, you may have problems with itching all over your body. In such a situation, you may experience persistent itching all over your skin, which does not subside over time, but may flare up. So do not take this situation lightly at all and then try to avoid this problem.

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3. Pain in ribs on right side

Right sided rib pain can be associated with liver disease. Actually, the liver is inside the ribs in the upper part of the abdomen. When fatty liver problems develop, it can be difficult for the body to break down toxins and make fat-burning leaf juice. In such a condition, the liver pain increases and it can be felt in our ribs.

(This article is for general information, consult a doctor before taking any procedure)

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