Why doesn’t Virat Kohli bat at number four? You will also be surprised to see the record.

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The ODI World Cup is to be played in India this year. All the teams are gearing up for this tournament, but the number 4 batsman issue seems to be a big one for Team India. Currently, Team India does not have any special options as a batsman at number 4. Team India has tried several batsmen at this number since the last ODI World Cup, but it hasn’t paid off. Although Shreyas Iyer has impressed somewhat while batting at number four, he is currently out of the Indian squad due to injury. The biggest question in such a situation is who will bat at this number for Team India in the World Cup.

Number 4’s biggest problem

Ahead of the ODI World Cup, as mentioned earlier, batting at No. 4 is the biggest problem for Team India. Recently, Team India captain Rohit Sharma gave his opinion about this and said that after Yuvraj Singh, no batsman has been able to do anything special for Team India at this number. But did you know that Team India’s star batsman Virat Kohli has batted at number 4 in ODIs and his record is also amazing.

Virat Kohli has scored a lot of runs while batting at number 4 for India. His performance on this number has also been outstanding. Batting at number four, he has scored 1767 runs in 39 ODIs at an average of 55.21. Also, he has seven centuries and eight half-centuries to his name, but the biggest question now is why Virat Kohli doesn’t bat for Team India anymore.

Why not at Vrat No. 4?

Virat Kohli is currently batting at number 3 in the Indian team. He has created many records while batting at that number and has played historic innings for Team India, but there is also the question that the country needs a batsman at number four who can provide balance to the team. So why doesn’t Virat Kohli bat at this number? The answer is that Virat Kohli is completely set at number three and if he comes to bat even for a moment at number four, then who will handle number three? In such a situation, Virat and the team management want him to bat at number three.

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