Woman will get compensation for ‘death of unborn child’ in road accident.

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Court orders compensation for ‘death of unborn child’

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has ordered a compensation of Rs five lakh to a man whose 27-year-old pregnant wife was killed in a road accident. The court said that the person is also entitled to compensation for the loss of the fetus growing in the woman’s womb. At the time of the accident, the fetus in the woman’s stomach was 8 months old. This woman was a police constable in Uttar Pradesh.

The accident happened in 2013.

Justice Naveen Chawla said that fetus is another life inside a woman and losing it is like losing an unborn child and the deceased’s husband lost his entire family in the accident. In July 2013, a speeding truck hit a woman’s bike. The woman was sitting on the front seat of the motorcycle and her partner was driving the two-wheeler.

The court increased the compensation amount.

The court said that the husband is entitled to adequate compensation. The court said that two and a half lakh rupees for the death of an eight-month-old unborn child compensation The award of the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal is not sufficient. The judge directed that the increased amount of compensation be paid to the insurer of five lakh rupees.

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