YouTube to remove medical information videos that conflict with WHO health authorities.

YouTube has recently decided to remove health videos from the platform that are causing lies and confusion among people. Now you might be wondering what are such health videos? In fact, YouTube is going to remove health videos that misinform people. Like how garlic can cure cancer. Recently, YouTube said that health videos that are misleading or confusing will be deleted to prevent misinformation from reaching people.

What types of health videos will be removed?

YouTube has announced in a new blog post that it is going to change and streamline its policy on medical and health misinformation. YouTube is going to remove dozens of videos from its platform that contain false information. In these videos, things like treatment, prevention of any disease are being told. These policies will apply to specific health conditions, treatments and substances where the content conflicts with local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).

In a blog post written by Dr. Garth Graham, director and global head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnerships, YouTube says such health-related content is extremely harmful. such as cancer treatment and cure. Along with this, such videos will also be removed after watching which people do not go to a professional doctor but start treatment at home.

Videos without facts about cancer and coronavirus and fertility will be removed first.

YouTube will soon begin removing videos that violate its policies and put users at risk of harmful content. Contains videos that suggest ‘harmful or ineffective’ cancer treatments and ‘cures’. Additionally, videos that ‘prevent viewers from seeking professional medical treatment’ will also be removed from the platform.

YouTube says videos that have no scientific evidence and suggest health video treatments will be removed from the platform. Especially those videos which are made without facts on the topic of cancer, covid, covid vaccine and reproductive health will be completely removed. Because it is giving wrong information to the audience.

YouTube said it will work in three ways to identify and remove medical misinformation.

Prevention of misinformation

YouTube will also remove videos that misrepresent health. Which makes absolutely no sense in today’s world.

Medical misinformation

YouTube will also remove videos that promote a treatment that uses harmful substances and methods. such as the use of cesium chloride in the treatment of cancer

Disclaimer of false information

Videos that spread false health information among people will be removed.

YouTube will remove false information about cancer treatment.

YouTube will remove content that promotes cancer treatments deemed harmful or ineffective. Content that suggests not seeking professional medical attention. Health authorities have declared these treatments unsafe. For example, garlic treats cancer. Use vitamin C. Videos claiming such things will be removed. The most important information is that YouTube will start removing these content from August 15th and will accelerate the process in the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and tips mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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