Bloody conflict in Nigeria, ambush attack, helicopter crash, 36 soldiers killed

Bloody conflict in Nigeria, 36 soldiers killed in ambush, helicopter crashes - India TV Hindi

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Bloody conflict in Nigeria, ambush attack, helicopter crash, 36 soldiers killed

Nigeria: An ambush by armed militants and a helicopter crash in northern Nigeria have killed 36 Nigerian soldiers. The Nigerian military said on Thursday that the militants carried out the attack during clashes with armed groups in the northern region.

The growing strength of gunmen in the area

Local residents told the media that the helicopter was shot down by armed groups following clashes earlier in the week in Wushishi district of Niger state. He echoed analysts’ warnings about the growing power of gunmen in the country’s worst-hit northern region. Defense spokesman Major General Edward Buba told reporters that the troops were carrying out an “offensive operation” in Niger state on Monday when they were ambushed by armed groups.

Nigerian Air Force helicopter crashes

A Nigerian Air Force helicopter was then dispatched to evacuate the victims but it crashed, Defense Spokesman Buba said. As a result, 14 military personnel including the pilot and crew members were killed. He said that the cause of the accident is being investigated.

Dozens of militants were killed in military operations.

A defense spokesman said dozens of members of the militant group were either killed or detained in several other military operations. He said that the Nigerian Army is determined to restore peace in the peaceful region of the country. The attack has raised new challenges for Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, who is leading efforts by West Africa’s regional bloc ECOWAS to restore democracy in neighboring Niger after a recent military coup.

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