Rana, the criminal of 26/11 terrorist attack, will come to India soon! The US court rejected the request.

Rana, the criminal of 26/11 terrorist attack, will come to India soon!  US Court Dismisses Petition – India TV Hindi

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Rana, the criminal of 26/11 terrorist attack, will come to India soon! The US court rejected the request.

America News: The US court has rejected Tahur Rana’s writ of certiorari. Rana’s extradition may get a green signal due to the decision of the US court. Rana is a Canadian businessman of Pakistani origin. His involvement in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack in India in 2008 has been traced. India had requested the US to extradite Rana. On August 2, United States District Judge Dale S. Fisher of the Central District of California denied Rana’s request.

The US State Department said on Thursday that the US continues to demand that those involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks be brought to justice. However, the State Department’s principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel said the extradition of 26/11 Mumbai attack suspect Tahur Rana was a “pending matter”. Therefore, given the fact that it is pending, I have no specific comments to offer. I am confident that the Department of Justice can take the necessary steps in the matter of extradition. In its order, the court wrote that Rana’s habeas corpus writ petition is dismissed. Rana has filed an appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court against the order not to extradite him to India during the trial.

US committed to fight global terrorism: Vedant Patel

Vedanta Patel said during the State Department briefing that the United States is committed to combating terrorism worldwide. We have been demanding that those involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks be brought to justice. Notably, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had said during the recently concluded monsoon session of Parliament that Tahur Rana ‘will soon face the Indian judiciary’.

Rana made these two arguments in the petition.

District Judge Fisher, in his order, said Rana’s writ of habeas corpus contained only two basic arguments. According to Judge Fisher, Rana’s first claim is that India will only prosecute him in cases in which he has been acquitted by the US court. Therefore, they cannot be extradited. Rana’s second argument in the plea was that India has not yet proved that Rana has committed crimes in India, which is why he is expected to be prosecuted.

Rana is haunted by the fear of execution.

Judge Fisher’s order has been challenged in the US Ninth Circuit Court by Rana’s lawyers, Patrick Bligen and John DeKline. Bligon asked in another appeal that his extradition be stayed pending a hearing. In the petition filed in the court on August 14, he said that the adjournment should be justified till the hearing of the appeal. He has given a strong performance. If he is extradited, there will be irreparable loss. India wants him hanged, so the extradition should be put on hold pending the hearing.

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