BJP may repeat ‘Godhra’ in Ayodhya to return to power – Vidyatiwar

Vijay Vidyatiwar- India TV Hindi.

Vijay Vidyatiwar

Maharashtra Congress Leader and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Vijay Vidyatiwar has made a big claim. He said that BJP can do anything to win the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He said that in order to win the elections, the central government can conduct Godhra in Ayodhya. Vaditiwar said that during the inauguration of the Ram temple, the arrival of devotees and worshiping car sevaks could lead to riots.

“Kar sevaks can incite riots”

“The way the Godhra incident happened and it gave power to the Bharatiya Janata Party. Now it can go to any level to get power, I have given that example,” said Vidyatiwar in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Milli is going out. When it comes to power, these people can come out of Ayodhya and create riots with the Kar Sevaks, doing pooja, if need be, the lives of the Kar Sevaks will be lost, that’s the basis. But they will reclaim power in the country. They will get it, that’s my opinion.

“How did 100 kg of RDX enter the country?”

“They cannot come to power without riots. These people are working,” said Vijay Vidyatiwar. He added, “We have seen in Pulwama during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. How 100 kg of RDX entered the country is still unknown. Despite the majority government, it has not been traced.” Our men are dead, but they are still unaccounted for.”

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