From nature to pre-wedding photography, these are the 5 best photography sites in Delhi.

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World Photography Day

World Photography Day 2023: Our mind cannot remember every beautiful thing but all memories are hidden in pictures. That’s why people take pictures and when you look at them, that time and everything comes before your eyes. However, nowadays the trend of photography has increased a lot and taking photos for new occasions has become a trend. Like pre-wedding, pregnancy photo shoot and then natural pregnancy photo shoot. So, if you are looking for a beautiful backdrop, these places in Delhi are perfect for you.

5 Best Photography Sites in Delhi – Best Photography Sites in Delhi

1. The garden of the five senses

Garden of Five Senses can be a great place for nature photography. It is near Syeduljab village in the south region of Delhi. You will find this place when you go between Mehrauli and Saket. Here you will find beautiful places with beautiful backgrounds.

2. Hauz Khas Village – Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is very close to Hauz Khas Metro Station. So there are many pubs and coffee houses here but here you will find some points where you can also do pre-wedding photography. Also you will find the evening here very beautiful and you can capture it in your camera.

Hauz Khas village

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Hauz Khas village

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3. Tomb of Humayun

If you want a retro type photo, you can visit Humayun’s Tomb. The entire complex is known for its Mughal architecture and here you can have a pre-wedding photo shoot with your partner or do scenic photography. Here you will get good photos in morning or evening.

4. Agrasin Baoli

Agrasin’s Baoli is located near Connaught Place in New Delhi. This step well has step wells and you can take a beautiful picture with the stairs leading to it. Here you can find photos of retro tights or couples or some scenes.

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5. Lodhi Art District – Lodhi Art District

In the Lodhi Art District you will find open art galleries from which you can take a beautiful picture. Also, they can give you some breathtaking scenes that you can capture on your camera. So, you can visit these places without spending any money.

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