In another video from Marine Drive in Patna, a girl on a motorcycle was seen brandishing a pistol

Girl Waving a Pistol - India TV Hindi

The girl is waving a pistol.

A video of a girl fearlessly performing stunts with weapons on the JP Ganga Path of Bihar’s capital Patna has once again surfaced. The girl is waving a weapon in both hands. When Patna Central SP Vibhu Sharma came to know about it, he said, “We have identified the bike. The video belongs to JP Ganga Path, popularly known as Marine Drive.” Police will take action soon. According to the police, the number of the motorcycle has been identified and action will be taken soon.

Video shown on Instagram

In fact, there is an Instagram ID called Ruhi Yadavunshi, which has several reels. Hence, this video has been created and uploaded recently. Phase 2 of JP Ganga Path was recently inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. A few days ago, a video of another girl waving a weapon on the same road went viral and was caught and taken into custody by the police. However, in the investigation, the weapon seen in the hand of the girl in the video turned out to be a lighter, so the police only fined the girl and let her go.

Police looking for girl

Now to see what is the weapon like weapon seen in the hand of the viral girl at the moment, the police is looking for the girl. In the video, it can be seen that a boy is riding a motorcycle while a girl sitting behind is waving something like a pistol in both hands.

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