Sunil Dutt did not allow the life support system to be removed from Nargis when she went into a coma.

Sunil Dutt’s love for Nargis: Sunil Dutt and Nargis’ love is not hidden from anyone. The love story of both started during the movie Mother India. Then the couple got married in 1958. There are some stories of how Sunil and Nargis expressed their love for each other, which you might not know. Even when Niyati separated Nargis from Sunil, Sunil was not ready to accept it. Even when Nargis was battling cancer, she refused to accept doctors’ advice to remove her life support system.

Sunil Dutt trembled when Nargis was in pain.
Everything was going well in Nargis and Sunil Dutt’s life, but their lives turned upside down when they learned that Nargis had cancer. Sunil Dutt loved Nargis very much so he did not want to lose Nargis under any circumstances. He wanted Nargis to be treated by the best doctors in the world. That was the reason why they took him abroad for best treatment of Nargis but Sunil would feel the same pain whenever Nargis was in pain during his treatment.

When Sunil Dutt refused to remove Nargis’s life support system.
Nargis was undergoing chemotherapy. At that time, Sunil was just waiting to recover from the disease. There came a time when Nargis went into a coma. When she did not come out of the coma for several days, doctors advised Sunil Dutt to remove Nargis’ life support system so that she could die in peace, but Sunil still had hope. Hearing this, he became furious and flatly refused to remove the life support system.

When Nargis came out of coma
Sunil was praying day and night to come out of coma. This also happened. One day Nargis came out of coma. After which there was no abode of happiness for both of them. Sanjay Dutt’s debut film ‘Rocky’ was scheduled to release in a few days. Nargis was also very happy and Sunil’s happiness knew no end. In such a situation, Sunil made special arrangements for Nargis to sit in the premiere of the film. Nargis got to sit next to her son Sanjay but this happiness did not last long and Nargis passed away before the premiere of the film. Due to which Sunil Dutt’s life was ruined, along with a shining star of the film industry also left this world.

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