120 crore property, several luxury cars; Then why is Sunny Deol’s luxurious bungalow being auctioned?

Sunny Deol House Auction: Recently, Sunny Deol’s new movie Gadar-2 has come out which is making a splash at the box office. So far it has earned around Rs 336 crores, but in the meantime there is news of Sunny Deol’s bungalow being auctioned. It is being told that his Rs 55 crore bungalow is going to be auctioned in Mumbai.

Bank of Baroda has placed an advertisement in the newspaper, which has a bungalow worth Rs 55 crore in the name of Ajay Singh Deol alias Sunny Deol and said it will be auctioned on September 25, 2023. The house is known as Sunny Villa and is located on Gandhigram Road North Mumbai.

Why is Sunny Deol’s bungalow being auctioned?

Gadar fame Sunny Deol had taken a huge loan to buy this luxury bungalow in Mumbai and owed the Bank of Baroda Rs 55.99 crore with interest, which he has not been able to repay till date. In such a case, the bank has notified its auction through advertisement. The base price of this auction has been set at Rs 51.43 crore.

What are the special features of this bungalow?

This Sunny Deol bungalow is quite luxurious with all the facilities from parking to swimming pool, movie theater, helipad area, garden and relaxation. This bungalow is also very luxurious to look at. It is surrounded by natural beauty from all sides.

How many properties does Sunny Deol own?

According to some media reports, Sunny Deol’s total assets are Rs 120 crores. On the other hand, when it comes to income, they charge around Rs 5 to 6 crores for a film. Although he has taken 20 crore rupees for the film Gadar-2.

A luxury car enthusiast

Sunny Deol is also very fond of luxury cars. He owns several luxury cars of modern models. This includes expensive cars like Range Rover, Porsche and Audi A8.

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