Tara Singh hammers stunning ‘sabotage’, all three Khans will sweat to tackle record

Gadar 2 Collection: ‘Gadar’ is currently struggling at the box office. Tara Singh aka Sunny Deol’s Hammer is constantly breaking old records at the box office. Now Tara Singh has made such a record, everyone from ‘Pathan’ to ‘Sultan’ bowed before ‘Dangal’. It is even believed that this record of Gadar 2 will be difficult to break by the three Khans of Bollywood. Let us introduce you to this Gadar 2 record.

This is how Gadar 2 started.

Everyone expected Gadar 2 to be a bumper grosser, but the film far exceeded expectations. Actually, Gaidar 2 was expected to make Rs 30-35 crores on its opening day, but the film managed Rs 40.10 crores.

Gather 2 made this special record

You will be surprised to know that ‘Gadar 2’ has earned more than 30 crores at the box office for the sixth consecutive day. Gadar 2 has become the first Bollywood film to create such a record at the box office. Looking at the earnings figures of the film, Gadar 2 collected 40.10 crores on 11th August, 43.08 crores on 12th August, 51.70 crores on 13th August, 38.7 crores on 14th August, 55.4 crores on 15th August and 32.37 crores on 6th August. earned

Pathan-Sultan and Dangal were defeated.

‘Gadar 2’ has beaten Pathan, Sultan and Dangal with this record. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ and Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ had collected more than 30 crores on their fifth day alone. Along with this, the earnings of both these films remained less than 30 crores on the sixth day. Apart from this, Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ managed to earn less than 30 crores on its fourth day.

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