Bitcoin fell nearly 12 percent in seven days, a rally among other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum

Cryptocurrency Prices Today: The cryptocurrency market has seen fluctuations in the international market. Bitcoin started trading lower on Monday, but rallied shortly after. The rest of the coins have seen a mixed effect. Bitcoin was up 0.6 percent at $26,087.25.

Ethereum was down 0.03 percent on the international market and was trading at $1,677.20. Similarly, Tether was at $0.9996, BNB at $216.09 and Dajcoin at $0.06364. The total cryptocurrency market cap remains at $1.06 trillion.

State of Cryptocurrency in India

Bitcoin has declined in India. At the same time, the Ethereum coin has gained a slight advantage. Apart from this, the remaining coins continue to fluctuate.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price in the country has fallen by 0.26% to Rs 2,164,732.99 in the last 24 hours. During the last seven days, the price of this coin has decreased by 11.38%.

Ethereum coin price

Ethereum, the second largest coin in the crypto market, gained 0.43 percent to trade at Rs 139,214.84. It has decreased by 9.28% during the last seven days.

The price of a teacher

This crypto coin is trading flat and is at Rs 83.1. It has seen an increase of 0.01 percent during the last seven days.

bnb price

BNB was trading at Rs 17,936.5, down 0.41 percent in the crypto market. The price of this coin has decreased by 10.36% during the last seven days.

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