Sunny Deol owes Rs 53 crore, GST of Rs 1 crore is also due, calculation given in election affidavit

Sunny Deol’s Bungalow Auction: Sunny Deol (Sunny DeolAmidst the success of the film ‘Gadar 2’, news related to the actor’s bungalow is coming to light. He is so amazing. In fact, Bank of Baroda has issued an advertisement in the newspaper about Sunny Deol’s bungalow. According to which the actor’s bungalow is going to be auctioned on September 25.

Sunny Deol owes crores.

According to information, Sunny Deol, who took a whopping fee of 20 crores in ‘Gadar 2’, has a debt of around 53 crores. This was revealed by the actor himself in his property details given during the Lok Sabha elections. In it, the actor said that his wife Pooja Deol and he owe about 53 crores. Along with this, they also have a GST outstanding of about Rs.1 crore.

The actor had taken a loan from the bank to buy the bungalow.

This loan was taken on Sunny Deol when he took a loan from Bank of Baroda to buy his luxury bungalow in Mumbai. Now the actor had to repay that loan with interest of Rs 55.99 crore. But till now Sunny has not returned this loan. For this reason, the bank is now going to auction their bungalow.

Sunny Deol’s bungalow has these facilities.

Tell that this 55 crore luxury bungalow of Sunny Deol is in a posh area of ​​Mumbai. Which is spread over a huge area. This bungalow has many facilities like swimming pool, mini theater, helipad and a big garden.

How much is Sunny Deol’s wealth?

Talking about Sunny Deol’s assets, according to media reports, some of the actor’s assets are close to Rs 120 crores. Sunny charges 5 to 6 crores for a film. But for ‘Gadar 2’ he has charged a huge fee of 20 crores.

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