Sunny Deol’s Juhu bungalow will not be auctioned, bank withdraws notice

Sunny Deol Juhu Bungalow: Bank of Baroda will not auction Sunny Deol’s bungalow. The bank has withdrawn the notice. The public sector bank said in a statement today that it has withdrawn the auction notice for actor and BJP MP Sunny Deol’s Juhu bungalow in Mumbai.

Significantly, on Sunday, the bank issued a newspaper notice to auction the bungalow in the name of Ajay Singh Deol alias Sunny Deol due to non-payment of loan. The bank had said that it will be auctioned on September 25. Sunny Deol owes around Rs 56 crore to the bank.

The Gurdaspur MLA has not returned Rs 55.99 crore from the Bank of Baroda since December. A notice of auction was issued to recover the bank. The base price of this auction has been set at Rs 51.43 crore.

A said in his statement that the e-auction notice in respect of Ajay Singh Deol has been withdrawn due to technical reasons. Now their bungalow will not be auctioned. On the other hand, a notice was issued for its auction on Sunday.

This Sunny Deol bungalow is spread over 599.44 square meters, with Sunny Villa and Sunny Sounds. It was also up for auction. Sunny Sounds is a company owned by Deol. For this, Sunny Deol took a loan from the bank and made Sunny Deol’s father Dharmendra as a guarantor.

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